USSR Soviet Union. Order of the Red Banner #153643. Researched from Soviet archives


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USSR Soviet Union.

Order of the Red Banner.

Type 3, Variant 1.

No. 153643.

Soviet medal of World War II WW2.

This decoration has been investigated in the Soviet archives and has been obtained:

– A digital copy of the Kotelnikov photograph.
-A digital copy of the original citation describing the reasons for its granting.
-A digital copy of the registration card with personal information of the recipient and a list of his decorations.
– A digital copy of an extract from the Combat Diary of the 265th Rifle Division in the area of ​​the events.
– A digital copy of an extract from the Combat Diary of the 951st Rifle Regiment in the Ciruli area.
– A digital copy of the original maps of the combat zone of the events.
– A digital copy of the operation’s Order of Battle map.
– A digital copy of the Award of the Medal for the Defense of Leningrad from the same person.

Most digital documents are attached, although the buyer will be provided with complete information in Russian, their translation into English of the main documents and images in higher resolution.

Here the most notable information:

Order of the Red Banner awarded to Kotelnikov Mikhail Fedeorovich, Captain of the Guard, Company Commander of the 71 Guards Mechanized Regiment. At the time of the events he was Company Commander of the 951 Rifle Regiment.

“Comrade KOTELNIKOV exhibited examples of courage, heroism, and military skill in commanding his company during battle in the offensive operation of the regiment aimed at liberation of the soviet Baltic states from the German Fascist invaders during 27-28 October 1944 in the sector west of town Auce. In a bold attack on 27-10-1944, he and his company broke through strong and layered German defence line near the settlement Cīruļi, defeated the German force and forced their remnants to retreat. His company seized 2 settlements on that day. In the evening on the same day, he and his company masterfully defended against several enemy counter-attacks eliminating over 30 Fritzes.
Comrade KOTELNIKOV was wounded in this battle, but remained on the battlefield continuing his mission and pursuing the enemy.
During these 2 combat days, the company under his command seized 4 settlements and successfully achieved its objectives, which greatly assisted to overall success of the combat operation.
CONCLUSION: He deserves state award order “RED BANNER”.”

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